Wallwalker – EP

by Alexander Ortega

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This EP, Wallwalker, holds four songs, appearing in the following order:

“Broken Color System // Year of the Snake” is a double-song track in which “Broken Color System” functions as an instrumental preamble for this release.

“Year of the Snake” features my emulation of kargyraa and sygyt throat singing (overtone singing) styles found in Tuvan khöömeï.

“Inside Every Soul” was originally written in 2009.

“wallwalker” also features kargyraa throat singing.


released August 8, 2014


Nancy Rivera
Marie Lopez
Camilo Torres (recording)
Andy Patterson (mastering)
Samuel Milianta (photos)
SLUG Magazine



all rights reserved


Alexander Ortega Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Broken Color System // Year of the Snake
“Year of the Snake”

all of your things are now mine.
i slither back round with time.
desperation and malice are my portals
into the heat to eat your desert horse.

my black scales coil and writhe.
your tears are my salted wine.
when you’ve nothing, what’ve you worked for?
water shrouds me out of your door.
Track Name: Inside Every Soul
“Inside Every Soul”

Satan told me
to meet him on the seventh degree
of an Ionian bridge,
tight-rope walking near the ridge
—You, he implored
must dig through the ore
You're wrapped in a blanket,
the disquietude is naked

Inside every soul,
there runs wild
a rambling hole;
a feral child

And to my surprise,
I saw with infantile eyes
the spade of a shovel
releasing me from the rubble
I was a born-again sinner—
I’d be my own dinner
The nighttime drowned me
as I left myself in the street

Inside every soul,
there runs wild
a rambling hole;
a feral child.
Track Name: wallwalker

“let’s walk across these walls,
well after dark.
It’s our nighttime ritual—
I’ll catch you if you fall.”
(ten stories up.)

your hand was warm in mine,
then we began our climb.
“ooh, babe, i love you so—
so high above the world.”
(’neath our black sun.)

the whiskey warmed her body,
and she then was brave.
she always knew her arms were strong,
and she felt safe.
her dreams were made of wanderlust—
the sky teased her with a simper.
she flapped her wings, flew with a gust,
and left without a whimper.

my eyes burn, raw with guilt
from how your body spilled.
upon concrete, your lips were cold;
your hair was sprawled in gorgeous folds.
(the sirens wailed. away you flew,
and i remain, bereft of you.)